Friday Night Fun In Chicago At Sam Adams Brew & View

4901482201_bbeb72fddb_oLooking for some last minute fun for your Friday night here in Chicago? If you are, reserve your free tickets (but do it quickly as all other locations have sold out) and head up to Montrose for a one of a kind experience!

Samuel Adams is throwing a massive 21 & up party starting at 6 pm with lawn games, live music, food trucks and of course Sam Adams beer. This is all capped off with a screening of the comedy “classic” Wedding Crashers starting at 8:30 pm which will be displayed of a giant HD monitor.

This is the 11th stop on an 18 stop trip around the country. Judging from most of the pictures that I have seen, this will be a great time! Best of all entry is 100% free, you only need to bring money if you wish to purchase food from one of the many food trucks that’ll be there. If you wish to purchase beer, Boston Lager will be featured but they will also be serving Summer Ale & Angry Orchard with 5 cents from every Boston Lager sale being donated to Brewing the American Dream fund!

Now lets just hope the rain holds off!



Lagunitas Taproom Now Open In Chicago!

party bus beerIn a city filled with countless world class breweries, its time to add another to the list! After months of anticipation Lagunitas opened the doors to their taproom late last month in Douglas Park, just a short drive or train ride from downtown Chicago! They are open from 11 am to 9 pm Wednesday through Sunday and while they do have a kitchen, the menu is pretty small but will have something for everyone.

The taproom gives view to the inside of the brewery while seating about 300 people mostly at communal tables which is seeming to be becoming more commonplace at taprooms. Over the last several weeks I have heard nothing but great things about the new Lagunitas Taproom here in Chicago, it is a must do if you’re a lover of beer!

The BusBank charters countless party buses each week, more and more we are seeing groups that want to go around the city to check out the best breweries. So make sure when you book your party bus from us to add this stop to the list!


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Sheffield Garden Walk Chicago 2014

sheffield garden walkWeather aside, we are now in full swing of summer here in Chicago although it may not seem like it with all of this rain we’ve been getting. Regardless, hopefully this rain now will make your weekend more enjoyable. Especially if you plan on attending the 46th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk & Music Festival in Lincoln Park this Saturday or Sunday July 19th & 20th respectively.

The Sheffield Garden Walk is one of Chicago’s longest running street festivals and anyone who has attended to can attest to why. The Sheffield Garden Walk is much more than the typical street festival with music, food and beer. Sure, it has all of those but where it truly stands apart from other Chicago street festivals is that you get the opportunity embark on unguided (between noon and 5:30pm) and guided (3:30pm) tours through some of the most beautiful and historic properties in the Lincoln Park neighborhood!

Gardens not your thing? That’s okay, because the Sheffield Garden Walk is full of musical acts this year! The Fullerton Stage is new this year and will play host to 8 bands throughout the weekend, several of whom who will play multiple sets. The main stage will have acts starting at or around 6pm both Saturday and Sunday nights. For the full lineup please visit the official website.

Want to try some new craft beer? You’re in luck, this year the expanded Chicago Craft Beer Festival is being hosted in tandem to the Sheffield Garden Walk! For a fee you will be able to try 15 different beers in 3 oz. pours. The full brewery lineup has not yet been released but you can fully expect many Chicago breweries to be highlighted!

No matter what you’re looking for the Sheffield Garden Walk is sure to deliver as a street festival. With only a $10 suggested donation to gain entry, you really have no excuse to not check out one of the best festivals in Chicago this summer!

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Will You FALL In Love With Niagara?

niagara falls bus tour

People that have traveled to Niagara Falls, NY can attest as to why it has been given the title of one of the seven natural wonders of North America! Separating Canada from The United States, the Niagara River drains Lake Erie in to Lake Ontario with an average flow of more than 4 million cubic feet of water per minute, the largest flow rate of any waterfall in the world! It is quite a spectacle when witnessed in person.

The location of the falls, situated between Canada and New York allows for less than a  half days drive from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario for the more than 30 million annual visitors. The falls, a mere 17 miles from Buffalo, NY or a short 70 mile drive from Toronto both allow you to arrive in less than an hour! Visitors are free to enjoy opposing views from both the United States and Canadian sides but please remember to bring a valid passport or you will be denied entry to cross the border without one!

There is so much to do here for a day trip but the most historic tour to take while visiting Niagara Falls is to embark on a Maid of The Mist boat tour! Tours started running in 1846 and have been going strong ever since! Currently Maid of The Mist fleet includes 2, 600 passenger vessels to accommodate patrons, named the Maid in The Mist VI and VII respectively. Trips start every 15 minutes and is the best way to get a up close view of Niagara Falls!

On a personal note, please make sure to wear your the rain poncho that they hand out! I still remember doing this as a kid and refusing to wear the provided poncho, subsequently, I ended up absolutely drenched as the boat creeped towards the falls. On the bright side, it was a hot day and it felt pretty good at the time!

If you’re are thinking of taking a trip to Niagara Falls either on the US or Canadian side, please feel free to contact us and arrive in style!


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Where To Watch The Best 4th Of July Fireworks In 2014!

7511082216_e40147f63a_oWith the 4th of July weekend just a few days away, we decided that it was time to reveal our top 3 places in the U.S. to sit back on a warm summer evening and enjoy some fireworks!

Macys 4th Of July Fireworks
If you’re in NYC, fireworks will be returning to the East River for the first time since 2008 the show usually runs about 30 minutes long and will begin at 9pm. It is recommended to show up much earlier to stake out a spot and have a picnic while you’re waiting! For more information please visit Macys Fireworks.

National Mall Independence Day Celebration
If you haven’t been to Washington, DC what better time than the 4th Of July weekend? Here, at the National Mall you can enjoy a free show starting at 9pm with views of many different monuments to accompany the light show! Please visit the offical website for details.

Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular
Boston, Massachusetts is home to one of the largest 4th of July celebrations bringing in more than half a million spectators for this unforgettable summer celebration weekend. For up to the minute information please visit Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

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Employee Shuttles Are Simple With The BusBank

employee shuttle

Today, more companies than ever are offering employee shuttles to the workplace as an added perk while going green. Over the last couple of years at The BusBank we have seen a noticeable rise in bookings for employee shuttles.

We get many different answers from clients as to why they would like to start offering an employee shuttle, commonly we get the following answers:

1)      They are seeing increased productivity from employees who have the opportunity to get work completed while relaxing on the employee shuttle buses.

2)      Improved overall wellness from removing the stress of commuting to and from work, people seem to be much happier and tend to demonstrate higher workplace satisfaction than before the shuttle was in place.

3)      Offer the ability to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. By offering employee shuttle services, many gallons of gas will be saved.

Companies who pursue the use of employee shuttles often utilize them for a vast number of reasons but we often get requests for corporate use. However, it is not uncommon to see employee shuttles used for any of the following:

1)      Office relocation, when a temporary new office is needed or a parking lot is not accessible.

2)      Dual campuses, when employees must move between buildings that are not close enough together to walk to/from.

3)      Large construction projects, where often no on-site parking is not available for workers.

If you are considering the use of employee shuttles please contact The BusBank today to learn more about why we are considered one of the best services in the industry!

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Party Bus

Renting a Party Bus for your Exciting Summer.

Renting a party bus is an opportunity to take in the excitement from the travel and from your party. With more buses changing its services and features to fit the need and preferences of every individual, the trend has also changed the mindset of people renting a bus for their events.

The successes of the party bus industry in recent years cater to a new generation of individuals understanding comfort with no disturbances. That means safety is key as well as having a good time. Options, features and style are important to customers, many from simple to decorative.

Features will always important in the charter bus industry and with the transparency of technology to everyday life, the demand and request for additional features isn’t a surprise.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Power Outlets
  • Entertainment System (DVD player, television)
  • PA System (Every Bus should have one)

Etc. etc…

Like most modern charter buses, party buses are designed with ample space option so that passengers are able to recline comfortably. The interiors and design of every coach is different from one another. Luxury seats are placed with the option to stretch your legs with no constrains imposed on the availability of space.

Other seats may be retrofitted to fit on either side of the bus so you will be able to face your friends and socialize. You are even given a wider choice to select the type of coach you are willing to rent.

Whether it’s the reception of a wedding or a small birthday party, every event celebrated in charter bus is going to give you an everlasting experience. To get the best out of the travel is essential for you and your friend when dealings with the bus industry. Getting quotes and comparing rates is also key when dealing with the bus industry.

Five tips on planning your Summer Vacation

We’ve been revving up for more warm weather lately here in the office and so have some of our recent bookings, Prom, senior trips and spring/summer festivals. Even though some of our fellow Midwesterners saw winter still put up a fight earlier this week, they’re ready to pack up their winter coats and bring out the shorts. If you’ve been thinking about a summer excursion, here are few things to consider.

Don’t travel at the peak of summer. The business insider recorded that most people take their trips during the second or third week of August. Best idea would be to travel earlier; you will save on hotels  when it’s slow. September is a good month to take advantage of for those who are heading back to school, resorts start to lower their rates to compensate for lack of families.

Travel By Motor Coach. There’s no limit to the number of destinations and tours across the US and many Motor Coaches provide you with great advantages of taking in close ups, panoramic views of the landscape and local shops. Lets keep in mind that most motor coach tour buses have reclining ­seats with more leg-room than an airplane and no inflight movie, and you’ll be able to sleep whenever you want.

Visit counter-seasonal destinations. The Southwest is a popular spot to visit during the summer and winter; it’s also affordable for small families. River rafting, wildlife expeditions in national parks or just cooling off by the pool, there’s a range of options to choose.

Get an event planner, (seriously) Sometimes it pays to have someone book your trip for you, you already have someone driving you around on your trip, so why stop there. Leaving your itinerary up to an experienced trip planner gives you more time to see if your new years resolution paid off.

Finally, book ahead of time. Not much else to say here. This is a major factor for everyone and whether it’s only you or your family, you don’t want any last-minute discrepancies before your trip.

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